Streamlining Traffic Control Company Systems and Processes for Legacy Creation

March 28, 2023 | 1 Minute Read

How do you pass the family company baton to the next generation of owners? Password managers, operations manuals and naming convention rules.


The client performs services on state funded projects and was scaling rapidly, facing mounting technical debt, was relying on expensive IT to manage a host of legacy services often disconnected from the various apps being used. The client needed better structure, systems and processes to be able to step back from day-to-day operations, minimize burnout and begin to offload responsibilities to family members for next generation ownership.


We paired w/ the owner and family members to build out the backoffice, folders, subfolders and operations handbook. In this handbook, we helped draft the company’s step-by-step process for researching, bidding and executing work. These procedures would become training material for incoming managers to ensure sustained quality work. The tool that would ensure company continuity and was lacking was a password manager to ensure administrative command and control, a way to decouple browser and password services across all devices while not compromizing speed and accuracy for a small, but growing company.


At the conclusion of the consulting engagement, the client had decoupled browser and password manager to enhance cyber security, an operations handbook for ownership and staff continuity, and a backoffice to increase ownership and staff coordination and support services to clients. The family-owned traffic company continued to scale and grow working to transition the baton in the future w/ the right set of tools and systems.

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