Improving Estimating Department to Scale Residential Contractor

January 15, 2024 | 1 Minute Read

What is required to bid county government procurement opportunities? A fine-tuned backoffice and estimating tool that can scale with the company.


The client had been a residential contractor for quite some time and was interested in expanding its tenant improvement services to county jurisdictions. The client was outsourcing its estimating to outside firms becoming very expensive to sustain and there was a feeling of missed learning opportunities.


We paired w/ the owner and senior management team to build out the backoffice, create a master takeoff incorporating all previous estimating records into the formulas to prepare the company to bid there largest job yet. The master takeoff was cloned into a project takeoff for the exact county pursuit and the formulas were tweaked even more, incorporating material, equipment and prevailing wage rates.


At the conclusion of the consulting engagement, the client had a bulletproof backoffice to coordinate and synchronize operational efforts and a tailored built master takeoff that incorporated all direct, indirect, insurance/ bond, overhead and profit rates to ensure sustained profitability.

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