Estimating a Large Scale Window Cleaning Project

September 26, 2023 | 1 Minute Read

How do you bid a large scale window cleaning project? You bid it square feet by square feet and account for the details.


The client had an RFP request for a large scale window cleaning project, set of photos and measurements, but no way to decipher how to get to unit costs. Lack of a standalone master takeoff would prevent the owner from bidding a project of that size without formulas down to the square foot.


We built a standalone document that incorporated every moving component for a large scale window cleaning project, including material, labor and indirect costs. The master takeoff mimicked a piece of software, but uniquely tailored and programmed for the client and was built first on a napkin then followed up with a spreadsheet available online at all times for instant access and future job costing.


At the conclusion of the consulting engagement, the client had a clear visual to bid a large scale government procurement opportunity, modify indirect rates, overhead and profit costs to increase or decrease unit costs. The master takeoff was used to bid the job and go after future work with confidence.

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