Automating Dispatch Response for Residential Contractor

August 18, 2023 | 1 Minute Read

How do you improve customer response times while bypassing and protecting the owner's time? By automating and circumventing the owner/ founder directly into the dispatch app for personnel to respond efficiently.


The client was responsible for fielding calls and emails, taking orders over the phone, responding to homeowner inquiries one at a time, job site visitations and field maintenance, invoicing and collecting payments. Facing major burnout and the high risk of transcribing key information, the previous intake system wasn’t a repeatable, sustainable or scaleable process.


To clearly understand every moving intake component, from the homeowners request to data storage, we had to better understand the various software applications available in the industry. We discovered that many of these applications were cost prohibitive and inaccessible to smaller residential contractors. We bridged together an intake form making it available on the clients website and email signature block for seamless bookings and routed this data into the founder’s communications app for seamless accessing by the entire field team.


At the conclusion of the consulting engagement, the client had an intake form that when completed the data was automatically sent to the company’s dispatch app for access by the entire field team. The new process has saved the founder countless hours in writing down inquiries and instead is focused on implementing the strategic plan, recruitment & retention of field staff, and taking time off to reset and relax as the owner. The field team is now able to respond to inquiries without delay or owner’s direct involvement.

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