Streamlining Bidding Process for Consultancy Practice

April 06, 2023 | 0 Minute Read

How do you expedite the bidding process and ensure top quality pursuits? Implementing an online bidlog and go/ no-no process.


The client owns a workforce consultancy practice and was in need of an easy to use, intuitive bidding process to pursue government bids. The client to this point was paper-based and relied heavily on calendars and notebooks which were prone to missing deadlines.


We paired w/ the owner to move all desktop files (which had been lost once) to an online G:drive, create an online bidlog and create uniquely tailored go/ no-go processes to track, manage and coordinate highly sensitive information in a remote/ decentralized operating environment.


At the conclusion of the consulting engagement, the client had an online server, bidlog and no/ no-go process to better coordinate, integrate and synchronize the estimating and business development department.

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